Spare Parts Bin

I thought I’d throw together something real quick. It’s been a couple of weeks of hectic work and I missed my self-imposed weekly deadline. I’ve started going back to school for digital media and I’ve spent the last four weeks learning HTML and CSS. It’s changed quite a bit since I last did it in 2001!

Anyway, between work, school, a commission piece and family life I’m further behind schedule then I’d hoped. Instead, I’ll show you a couple things I’m knee deep in. <h1>End of Whining</h1>


I ended up starting over from my previous post. This one looks more true to the source material. I’m glad I decided to redo it.
Ended up removing the old waterfall feature. It was too aggressive given the size of the pond.
Poured some resin samples to see what color would work best for the pool. Leaning towards a translucent olive green.
The top of the tower. I used cast rocks as the tower baffles to keep within the theme of the project. The roots are made from Milliput and the vines are burlap string.


I think this what System of a Down meant by Kombucha Mushroom People.
This is what a fresh print looks like after its cured. I’ll dig up where this model came from in a later post. Looks like it will be a blast to paint up.
I’d like to pull off an internal glow with this piece.
This would look awesome on the bow of a ghost pirate ship.


The green Buddha had been floating around the house for years in different drawers. I decided to use it as a centerpiece for a forgotten jungle relic.

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