The Last Stop Part 1

I decided to break out the spare parts boxes and give the 3D printer a rest.  The weather has gotten chilly here and that messes with the resin out in the garage.  I’ve saved just about every extra part and old model since I started the hobby, so I wanted to see what I could do with some of it.

I threw some polystyrene sheets into the mix, too.  That will make this a kit bash AND a scratch build for Double Word Score. 

Cutting styrene sheets is as simple as scoring a line with a sharp blade and snapping it along the cut. It works with styrene pipes and “angle iron”, too.

For those that aren’t familiar with the terms, a kit bash is the combination of two or more model kits into something unique.  Scratch building is building from scratch (I thought about using Word’s synonym feature there, but I’ll let it ride instead).  I’ll use some polystyrene sheets and pipes for this. 

I had a partially used 1/35 scale railroad kit that’s been catching my eye lately.  In my figures pile were a couple fellows carrying AK variants in MOPP (Mission Oriented Protective Posture) gear.  With those items as the kernel of an idea, I thought it would be fun to try to build a pump cart for them. 

Gonna have to do something about that gravel detail.

For some reason I have dozens of extra tank road wheels. They work as train car wheels.  An unused Ural truck bed provides the floor of the cart.  Styrene sheet and pipes give me a good-looking cart pump.  A piece here and a greeble there and before I knew it, I had the basic design I was looking for. 

Scratchin’ and bashin’

Haven’t found the complete story in the diorama yet but it will come.  I need to look at some pictures of “end-of-the-line” barriers.  That will add balance to one side of the diorama by offsetting the cart.  I’ll update as it comes together.  Stay tuned!

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