Completed – Hare o’ the Bear Part 3

The Hare had the scanner plugged into the control panel.  Its faint green glow was overshadowed by the glow of the C-ALL goggles he wore on his face.  The goggles told him there wasn’t any lifeforms on the other side of the door.  This was good.  They also indicated that the thickness of the door was going to make it nearly impossible to break through should the scanner not spit out the door’s encryption. That could be bad. 

“How much longer?”, drawled Bear. 

Hare looked over his shoulder and gave him an annoyed look that the large goggles all but hid.  Without responding, he turned back around and returned his attention to the scanner.  Couldn’t beat him at your side in a scrap but otherwise Bear was about as dense as a potato.  Couldn’t beat that gatling laser he was toting, either. 

Just a few more minutes and they wouldn’t have to work for those Rats ever again.  A few more minutes and they’d be made. 

“Hey, Rabbit.”


“Hey, Rabbit.  You gotta problem with crap sticking to your fur?”, said Bear.

“What the blazes are you on about?”, hissed Rabbit, having heard that stupid joke about 500 times since the two had paired up. 

“I hope you don’t because I believe it’s just hit the fan.”

Rabbit turned around, gun drawn, not liking the sound of Bear’s voice.  He saw why.

The goggles told him there were six rats slinking out of the side of a hovo-van on the opposite side of the street.  Bear must have smelled them because from his angle there was no line of sight.  Rabbit wouldn’t have seen them save for the goggles. 

“I count six carrying,” Rabbit reported.

“Friggin’ rat trap,” said Bear.

Rabbit just shook his head in disgust at the joke. 

“I’ll work my way ‘round to the right?”, Rabbit suggested.

“Think I’m good here”, Bear replied.

2 thoughts on “Completed – Hare o’ the Bear Part 3

    1. Thank you! I did not intend for the figures to come out glossy. I wanted all of the terrain to look wet (for some reason it’s always raining in the cyber punk future :)). I’d already glued the figures down and didn’t want to pull them off. It may have worked better if I added some puddles to imply rain. Live and learn I guess.


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