Designing and Printing the Fantastic Robo-Jarv Part 4

How does this sound? Robotic Jump Assisted Recon Variant, or Robo JARV for short.  I’m going with that for now.  If you missed the first post, TinkerCad assigned the randomly generated save name of Fantastic Robo-Jarv to my file. 

I’ve got the JARV and base put together and primed.  The figure is built but still needs primed.  I printed off some pipes and greebles for the base and used some parts from the spares box to add details.  I only added a few pieces to the JARV from the spares box.  I want to keep it sleek. 

I use a ball of aluminum foil to apply texture to the foam. Super simple and effective.
3d printed and spare parts add details to the base. Crunched cork makes good rubble.

The base uses cork board for the asphalt, cast plaster for the sidewalk, and sandless tile grout.  Tile grout is great for model bases and dioramas.  I buy it “sandless” for a fine snow, sand, or dusty look.  I put aside some of the grout in a coffee can and add sand and pebbles to it if I want a more textured look.  I spray water where I want it to stick and apply to those areas.  I can then use a dropper or water spray to ensure it gets wet enough to set.  Sometimes I will do this for multiple layers to get the effect I want. 

The model kit parts that I added to the JARV can be seen unpainted in this photo.

The whole thing got a coat of black rattle can primer followed by a top-down application of gray.  This helps seal in the grout.  It also adds good shadow to any parts I can’t get at with a paintbrush.  I’ll use my airbrush to apply primer to the model figure.  Spray paint may go on too thick and hide detail. 

With the base primed, it’s easier to see how it will all come together.
Placing items with different textures into the rubble adds interest and will take future dry brushing quite well.

Things start to move fast at this stage of the build.  I get excited and start rushing steps.  I’ve got to remind myself to maintain attention to detail and not ruin this thing at the end. 

I’ve got a couple other projects I’m working on right now, too.  I used Hero Forge to design one and a Patreon designer for the other.  I’ll post some more on those as they progress. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone out there!

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